THANK YOU: Dale LePage


THANK YOU to Dale LePage and to New England Pride TV for supporting Cirque du Noir. The event really is the most amazing collaborative effort of kindness and generosity. Giving back feels so good, but receiving gifts that allow you to give more…well, nothing compares to that. Dale will be emceeing the event this year and there is a lot going on, kind of like an actual circus–art, music, dance, food, libations, masquerade, mystery, black magic, sparkles, prizes, community. We wish him the best of luck there. ; )

SPOTLIGHT: Brian Burris

artistspotlight_burris(photo by scott erb)

Cirque du Noir Artist Spotlight: BRIAN BURRIS  (photo by Scott Erb)

Brian Burris, a self-taught “primitive” painter has been contributing to Cirque du Noir since 2011. A most sought after artist, in our opinion primarily because everyone can relate to his work. Not all art is so forthcoming at once. Brian’s use of color and texture relationship with viewer and the art very easy. The moment your eye grasps the color, movement and emotion, you then discover the layers and texture. Each one is an adventure in itself.

After one Cirque du Noir, attended by The Fruitlands Museum Director, Mike Volmar, Brian’s work was shown at the Fruitlands Museum in Visceral Murmurs. Brought in with the work of Scott Erb and Cynthia Woehrle, the collection featured works created around the theme of “night”. We are very luck, all three have been contributing artists to our silent auction.

Shown here is one of his donation pieces this year, “Ocean of Sleep”
40X40, Acrylic on Canvas. Brian has donated two beautiful pieces for the auction. On his website in “Show Notices” you can view the second piece. Brian’s art can be found in many collections locally and throughout New England. His generosity to Cirque du Noir and the community is so very much appreciated. Brian is also a Firefighter for the City of Worcester.

To learn more about Brian Burris, please visit his website.